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Places to visit in the South of Mauritius

The south of Mauritius is considered the most natural and least developed part of the country. It offers a welcome change of pace from the more touristy northern parts of the island.

Mahebourg is probably the most popular part of the region, as one of the primary fishing villages found on Mauritius, and due to its fascinating history. The town was established more than two hundred years ago by the French, and today it still holds some of the biggest markets on the island.

Souillac is a village and tourist resort named for the Vicompte of Souillac, located along the rocky seaside of the Savanne region. Here you will find many attractions, including the Robert Edouard Hart Museum and a pleasant garden which overlooks the sea. Gris Gris, not far from the middle of Souillac, is one of the most popular natural beauty spots in the area.

Not far from Souillac are the Rochester Falls, which can be found on the Savanne River. These are particularly popular with young locals and travelers who take advantage of the deep pool to do impressive dives from the cliffs.

For a view of some impressive wildlife, take a look at the Vanilla Crocodile Park at Riviere des Anguilles, where you can see a selection of animals. There is also Le Val Nature Park, which features a range of interesting species.

History buffs will be happy to know that there are a great many historical sites relating to the French and Dutch colonization of the island, including the ruins of Fort Frederick Hendrick, which was only recently excavated.

Of course, there is also Blue Bay – which features some of the most impressive blue seas and white beaches in the world. Here you can lie on the beach and relax, take a glass-bottom boat ride, or go snorkeling in the marine park.