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What you can do in Blue Bay Mauritius.

Mauritius is an extremely popular tourism destination for swimming and snorkeling but perhaps one of the best-known places to really enjoy this paradise is Blue Bay. Blue Bay Mauritius is on the south end of the island and features some of the wildest landscapes in the country. Blue Bay has been one of the most well-established tourism spots because it has some of the clearest waters on the island as well as some of the best beaches. While there has been a fair amount of development recently construction has been limited.

In Blue Bay you can stay at a few different luxury hotels or villas such as Villa Sarabel but for the most part the area is kept untouched to preserve its beauty. During your stay in blue Bay it’s very important that you take some time out to go to the Blue Bay Marine Park. In this protected wildlife zone you can see over 50 different species of coral on just a short snorkeling trip. More than 80% of the coral on this reef is kept alive and this is part of the reason why the Marine Park was formed. Protecting this coral is very important as Blue Bay features some of the most diverse coral and marine life on the entire island.

Blue Bay is also wonderful hotspot for kayaking, paddle boating, windsurfing, beach volleyball and deep-sea diving. It’s possible to rent a boat or take a charter out past the coral reef to enjoy some of the island’s best diving as well as to get out into the clearest water on the island. Getting away from shore can give you a bit of peace and quiet is sometimes the beaches can get a little bit crowded. Taking a paddle boat or kayak also gives you access to more snorkeling spots further out in the water.

On your next trip to Mauritius be sure to stop by Blue Bay!