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Villa Sarabel introduces a small paradise called Blue Bay.

Villa Sarabel is a large and spacious villa located a five minute walk from the blue lagoon of the Blue Bay intMarine Park. The villa itself is over six thousand square feet, contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three living rooms, a large kitchen, a party room, and a conference room. Villa Sarabel comes with many amenities such as a four car garage, a private swimming pool, colonial style veranda, several private air conditioning units, nice balconies, and breathtaking views of the wide open fields and gorgeous mountains such as Lion Mountain.

Villa Sarabel have recently realized that their unique home of Blue Bay is very unknown to most people. Since the villa is located only a few minutes away from this natural beauty, the Villa has decided to promote the beach so that people from around the world can begin to enjoy this unique place on the island of Mauritius.

Blue Bay is currently the only marine park on the island and is currently a natural reserve due to it’s high levels of unique marine life. Blue Bay is not heavily polluted by development, unlike most of Mauritius. The beaches have a peaceful atmosphere on most days, with no crowds, relaxed waves, and virtually no dangers. The beach also boasts a large natural coral reef and the famous island of Ile aux Deux Cocos. Blue Bay is the ideal place for diving, swimming, and relaxing.

In 203 Villa Sarabel created a Facebook page for Blue Bay Mauritius and since then, the page has received over 13,000 likes and maintains a 4.6 star rating. The page encourages people to show and share their love of Blue Bay beach with one another. Villa Sarabel is now encouraging small business and individuals to join them in promoting Blue Bay to the world. They believe that Blue Bay deserves international attention specially due to its clam waters and are confident that people will enjoy all that the area has to offer.

For more information about Villa Sarabel, visit their website directly here and check the page Blue Bay, Mauritius by visiting and liking the Facebook page.


10 Reasons You should Pick Blue Bay Mauritius

4The Only Marine Park in Mauritius
Since 1997, the Blue Bay lagoon has been decreed as an internationally preserved marine park. Due to this decree, the Blue Bay lagoon has flourished with fish, coral reefs and other marine lives. Blue Bay is now one of the most praised destination for scuba divers and those who like to see a natural side of Mauritius exotic marine life.

Blue and calm waters – a natural swimming pool
Thanks to its natural coral reefs, the bay and the island of Ile Aux Deux Cocos, Blue Bay is a unique lagoon with calm  and warm waters that turn Blue Bay into a natural huge swimming pool. For the same reasons dangerous animals like sharks finds it difficult to survive in such waters.

Not overcrowded during the week
Although on Sundays, Blue Bay turns into an animated and crowded beach, the rest of the week is very uncrowded. For those who like a peaceful beach with very few people, Mondays to Fridays are the best days to visit Blue Bay.

Environmentally nice
For decades the government of Mauritius has put emphasis on a clean island. Blue Bay is actually an image of this sound environment. With a clean beaches and clean surroundings, Blue Bay is among the cleanest beaches in Mauritius.

Close to the only international airport of Mauritius
The island of Mauritius has only one airport, the Sir Seewsagar Ramgoolam International Airport. The airport is to the international standard welcoming tourists all around the world. The airport is actually 10 minutes from Blue Bay.

Close to shops and other facilities
Many great shopping centers such as King Savers and London Supermarket are 5 to 10 minutes drive from Blue Bay beach. Since Blue Bay is a part of the great city of Mahebourg, one of the greatest attraction is the Mahebourg Naval Museum.

White sand
Mauritius is famous for its beautiful beaches. Its white sand more prominent in Blue Bay especially due to it natural lagoon.

Easily accessible to other parts of the island of Mauritius
Mauritius has one of the best road infrastructure in Africa. The motorways also known as freeways link the island from the northern part of the island part to the southern part within few hours. In fact, it is possible to drive all over the island within one day. As such, living in Blue Bay in no way limits its inhabitants and visitors to travel to Grand Baie, Belle Mare, Flic en Flacq, Trou D’Eau Douce and other amazing parts of this gorgeous tropical island.

Water sports easily available
Mauritius is an island surrounded mostly by beautiful beaches and nice waters. As such most of the existing water sports are available including swimming, skiing, para-sailing, submarine, deep water diving and many other interesting sports. If you like water, Mauritius especially Blue Bay is the perfect place for you.

Safe for family gatherings
Blue Bay has proven to be a very safe place including a safe place to swim. With the Mauritius Coast Guards constantly patrolling the lagoon, Blue Bay is one of the safest sea waters to be in.

The ten points mentioned is in no way the only reasons you should visit Blue Bay because volumes can be written on the reasons to visit this wonderful place on earth. For instance, the history of the district of Grand Port Savanne, a district is where Blue Bay is located. One of the famous history events is the the battle of Vieux Grand Port between the French and the British. This event is a landmark battle decisive for the small island of Mauritius. This battle changed the balance of power and made Mauritius one of the many British colonies. For this reasons most Mauritians are at least bilingual.

We invite all of you to come and visit Blue Bay. Please also like the page and feel free to contribute with pictures and articles.

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